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14” Hydraulic Power Tongs

14” Hydraulic Power Tongs

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14” Tongs 14” Tongs w/ Backup
Width 41.5" 46"
Length 65.3" 65.3"
Height 46.9" 80.1"
Weight (lb.) 2,350 3860
Rated Pressure 2,500
Rated Torque 50,000 or 75,000 ft-lb
Handle Length 36"

14” Hydraulic Power Tongs

Rated Torque of 50,000 or 75,000 ft-lb for Everyday Use.
Wrist-Saver Door Latch Design
Rated Operating Pressure of 2,500
Overnight Delivery Available for Parts
Quality, Serviceable Components

JAWS AVAILABLE: 6-5/8” – 14”
(Other sizes available upon request.)

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With an investment like this, you don’t want one malfunctioning part to be the reason why your equipment isn’t performing. That’s why we build our tongs to be serviceable and high in quality. By using an ISO 9001 quality system, we maintain a close eye on our products.

Lastly, if you find your team in a bind needing a part, Starr likely has it on the shelf. Call us today for a quote, and possible overnight shipping.