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Hydraulic Power Tongs

Starr Power Tongs are built to provide reliable, high torque solutions, outfitted with serviceable, quality parts with a turnaround time you won't get anywhere else.

25,000 ft-lb Rated Torque

35,000 ft-lb Rated Torque

40,000 ft-lb Rated Torque
60,000 ft-lb Rated Torque

35,000 ft-lb Rated Torque

Modular Spring Hangers

For Maximizing Usability

We offer modular spring hangers, which attach to the tong bridle and act as a hanger for the tong. In-turn, providing thread compensation to limit stresses during makeup. Give us a call today for pricing and shipping details.

As an ISO Certified Company, we are more than willing to work with credential documentation when your company requires it*.

Spec Sheet

Equipment Dies

For Secure Grip

Starr offers a wide range of dies, inquire for availability.

Wrist-Saver Doors

We know how strenuous a tong operator’s job can be, which is why we have designed our tongs to take some of the load off. Our wrist-saver door latch design allows tong doors to be closed without the use of repeated brunt force, taking the strain out of the operator’s wrists. Plus, less force means less lapsed time between latches, shaving time off the job with every latch.

Door Interlock

For Safe Handling

Starr’s door interlock is designed to fit other OEMs while providing more durability, and dependability. Give us a call today for details.

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Torque Gauges

For Force & Pressure Management

Reliably measure torque with our compression and tension load cells. Give us a call today for Details.

*Tension & Compression Load cells available.

Starr Parts Suppliers

For Replacements & Additions

We’ve built our business on getting our customers out of a bind by stocking our parts on the shelf as well as other brands. All available for next day shipping.